Happy Holiday

Fourth of July – Independence Day – is my favorite holiday. The main reason is it’s a low pressure holiday. No gifts to buy. No cards to send. No obligation to spend time with crazy relatives. You don’t even need a date to celebrate properly. It’s also a truly American holiday, something we all celebrate … More Happy Holiday

My Parents 10k

I just made my plans for Father’s Day weekend. With my father and my daughter’s father both gone, it’s a good time for us to get away; spend some time at the beach. But this isn’t really something new. For many years I spent Father’s Day weekend with my parents on Shelter Island (New York) … More My Parents 10k

What I do

A faithful reader of this blog asked me several weeks ago, “what is it that you do?” Glad she asked. When I explained what I’ve been doing as a consultant on and off for the past eight years, it led to a lunch, and ultimately a job helping her bring more structure to the non-profit … More What I do

March Madness: Why I support AliveAndKickn

Don’t know about you, but my NCAA picks went down in flames! March however isn’t just about the NCAA Tournament, so let’s turn our attention to something else. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. In recognition of that, I’d like to introduce you to an organization that I support: AliveAndKickn. I first met AliveAndKickn … More March Madness: Why I support AliveAndKickn

My Story: Part 1

On Friday – the 20th Anniversary of the day I officially started running – I posted a picture on FaceBook of the wall in my home office where all my running medals, plaques and memorabilia hang. One of my friends challenged me to take a picture of my favorite medal and share why. This is it… … More My Story: Part 1