September 12th

I do wish they could know the love and compassion that existed in the days and weeks that followed. I don’t know where or why we lost that. I could speculate, but that would lead to a political discussion and I promised myself I wouldn’t use this blog to promote my political opinions (that’s what FaceBook is for!). … More September 12th



The reason I went into coaching is because I love speaking with people. I love hearing about what’s important to them, about their goals and dreams and their challenges. And best of all, I like helping them make investments in the life they want to live. That’s also what I love most about being a … More Honorees

Up and running

Happy 2016. Welcome to my blog. I have spent the last two-thirds (over 19 years) of my career in non-profit management and fundraising. I have served as the fundraising lead for several organizations, and as CEO for a small non-profit (where my role also involved doing a little of everything, especially fundraising). I have worked … More Up and running