Put your oxygen mask on first

We are no good to our children if we don’t first take care of ourselves – eat right, exercise, de-stress as much as possible. That way we have as much energy and as much mental capacity to deal with everything the kids are going to throw at us. … More Put your oxygen mask on first


Driving Talk

We hope, as parents, that we have given our children all the tools and skills they need to survive in the wild alone, understanding that there comes a time when they are responsible for themselves and we can’t possibly protect them any more from the mistakes they will make. … More Driving Talk

Being Present

Unplugging is incredible! I learned that alone time can only be achieved when I’m not “checking-in” all the time. And when I wasn’t aware or connected to the “outside world” could I be truly present in the moment. So what did I do? I will start by telling you that I didn’t unplug from technology … More Being Present


Sometimes it’s important to unplug…figuratively and literally. After the NJ Marathon on May 1st I was feeling a little burnt out. I also had a very real issue with my hamstring that I was only managing – but not healing – since February. The “active recovery” wasn’t working. So now I’m taking some real time … More Unplugged