Hello! And welcome to my blog!  I started writing partly as a catharsis 15 months following my husband’s sudden and tragic death. Although publicly, I saw my purpose as providing  helpful information to my consulting clients and followers. What transpired however, was a journey of self-discovery and transformation that showed me how we all have the power within ourselves to find and live an extraordinary life – regardless of the challenges we encounter.

I am a runner. In the past 21 years, I have logged over 15,000 miles. I have completed over 265 races including 40 Half Marathons and 7 Full Marathons. I’m not the fastest runner. I don’t run every day. I run to stay fit. I run to stay sane.

People have told me how strong I am to have endured all that I did in the last decade. I’m not stronger than anyone. We all have that same strength within us. I had a means through which I could cope. My training runs are where I took out my anger; where I cried. And where I also felt alive. And where I regained my passion for life.

So I write this blog with the hope of inspiring better physical and mental health and a passion for life. And no, you don’t need to be a runner. Just be open to possibilities, ready to live your dreams and say good-bye to self doubt.

If you want to read my biography to find out more (boring stuff) about my career and education, look at my profile on LinkedIn.

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